Why should you care if your Jewellery is hallmarked?

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The hallmark is one of the oldest forms of consumer protection. It is important to know that the piece of jewellery you are buying is genuine. For a piece that is described as gold (over 1g) or silver (over 7.78g) it must have a hallmark to guarantee it’s authenticity and its quality. This protection is even more important when purchasing online as it is sometimes hard to authenticate without hallmarks.

We are so proud of our marks and how they give our customers confidence in the purity and quality of our jewellery. Deciding on our own sponsor mark design was exciting! We were invited down to the Assay Office to learn about the history of hallmarking through to the present day. It really was fascinating knowing that the sponsor mark we were about to create and register will become a piece of our very own history!

The letters and the shape were actually a fairly easy process for us both to agree on and pass the Assay approval process. We picked a clover shape to fit to the three letters E L R, for elleroo.

What our marks tell you:

ELR – is our sponsor or makers mark
925 – silver purity 92.5%
375 – gold purity 37.5% (9 carat)
Anchor – Birmingham Assay office mark

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