Our story

An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea – Edward de Bono


Meet the founders behind elleroo.

elleroo is an independent jewellery brand loved by customers for its personal emotional edge and quality. Utilising the finest British craftsmanship, we design and create personalised jewellery to capture your memories, which is elegant and completely unique to you.

We are two working mums who live and breathe a mindset of just going for it, and this belief saw us take a leap of faith to launch elleroo. Family is completely at the heart of why we began to create personalised jewellery. When Row’s mum died, we wanted to find a way to remember all of the special times we had shared, the ones that really make us smile. So many of us turn to jewellery for these sentimental pieces. When we couldn’t find anything to capture our memories, our ideas developed into an amazing journey of designing and creating our own.

How many of us look at a photo on our phone or hear a song and the memories and emotions come flooding back. Well having your chosen moments engraved on beautiful silver and gold beads to wear and collect, means you will instantly remember those special times, experiences, achievements, and all the feelings they bring back for you. 

Welcome to elleroo. 

Emma and Row

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