Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. – Dr. Seuss

Meet the family behind elleroo: Emma, Rowena, Rupert and Elleri. This is our ‘HOT CHOC & SAND’ moment we remember from New Year’s Day 2019.

We are two working mums whose answer  to everything is “we can do that!” This drive and belief has seen us turn our hands to many things, yet the one thing that we couldn’t seem to do was find more time to share experiences with our two children. 

The solution to us was simple but not easy. We needed set up our own business to give us what money couldn’t...time. Time with our family, our friends and each other. Time to enjoy moments together and create memories that would last a lifetime. In what area of business though? This is where the story behind elleroo became a completely personal and emotional journey into jewellery.

Rowena – My mum was dying from Cancer and we desperately wanted to find something uniquely personal to us to remember the amazing memories we had built together and bring the comforting feelings they evoke flooding back. We knew we weren’t searching for anything digital that often gets stored away. We wanted something tactile and precious that would provide us with instant comfort every day. It had to be personalised jewellery.  After all, jewellery is the ultimate provocateur of emotions.

Emma – It was during this emotional time for the family that I came across a Crystal Healing course. I have always loved the sensuous feel and radiant colours of crystals and gemstones, so I was initially intrigued and then completely fascinated to learn about their emotional and spiritual qualities and how they can be used to support healing. My interest in crystals and their nourishing properties, unknown to me then, was the perfect complement to what then followed.

Our quest began in earnest, but we soon drew a blank. We couldn’t find a piece of exceptional quality and contemporary styled jewellery that approached the level of personalisation we were seeking. We didn’t want anything mass-produced, knowing that someone else could be wearing something identical. What we wanted was jewellery that, as well as utilising the finest skills of British craftsmanship, could be entirely personal. We also wanted the materials to be of the highest quality, durable and responsibly sourced. Nothing came close.

So finally, with a ‘we can do that’ moment, the elleroo concept was born. We spent the next two years designing, creating, testing and evolving our prototypes to arrive at the jewellery we can now share with you. elleroo captures your memories and preserves them through an individual and bespoke piece of craftsmanship that is so simple in design, it defies the work that has gone into its creation. A piece of jewellery that is permanent, precious and most importantly, profoundly personal. 

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