18ct Rose Gold Vermeil Connection Cuff


Created in England and individually hand finished
Solid sterling silver with 18ct rose gold vermeil layer
Elegant, contemporary style
Both end caps screw off to easily slide on beads
elleroo branding
Presented in a luxury soft touch elleroo display box

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A beautifully handmade 18ct rose gold vermeil cuff

This contemporary and elegant gold vermeil cuff is individually handmade utilising the finest British craftmanship. elleroo cuffs are designed to comfortably fit to the contours of your wrist. An elegant contemporary oval style with both end caps effortlessly screwing off to enable your engraved beads to be added.

Approx. sizing guide for wrist circumferences:
15-17cm (recommend 6cm Cuff)
18-19cm (recommend 6.5cm Cuff)
20cm + (recommend 7cm Cuff)


Highly polished to give a clean, contemporary finish.
Solid sterling silver with 18ct rose gold vermeil layer.
Cuff measures 3mm diameter. 
Cuff sizes are the approximate internal dimension across the widest part of the bracelet.
End caps measure approx 6.5mm diameter x 10mm. 
Finest British craftmanship.