Gemstone bracelet bundle


A bracelet to calm and inspire

This bundle brings together silver and all four gemstones to offer a bracelet full of energy and healing properties. Included: a silver box chain, all four gemstone nourishing beads, two silver elleroo stopper beads and presented in a luxury soft touch display box.

Created in England and individually hand finished so that each bracelet is unique.

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Feel the energy!

Our gemstone bundle brings together the energy and healing properties of the crystal beads, to bring out your thoughts, ideas and emotions. The crystals not only look super stylish, but they have the added benefit of being able to calm and inspire you. This special bundle includes:

All 4 gemstone beads – green aventurine, tigers eye, rose quartz, amethyst

A silver box-chain bracelet

Two silver stopper beads


Boxchain bracelet

2.7mm sterling and fine silver, diamond cut Italian box chain.
Hallmarked tag. 

Amethyst Nourishing Bead

A transparent purple quartz.
A stone of opportunity.
Creativity, confidence, relaxation.
Healing qualities: Protects | calms | soothes emotions | vitality

Rose Quartz Nourishing Bead
A transparent pink quartz. 
The classic stone of love.
Mental, emotional and spiritual development.
Healing qualities: Caresses emotions | soothes | self-love

Tiger’s Eye
A purposeful action stone.
New beginnings, resilience.
Healing qualities: connection, courage, sharpening the mind.

Green Aventurine
A stone of opportunity.
Creativity, confidence, relaxation.
Healing qualities: Protects, calms, soothes emotions, vitality.

Our gemstones are Grade A with traceable mined origin.
Approx size 9.5mm D x 5mm H with 5mm hole.
Interchangable with all elleroo bracelets and necklaces.

elleroo Stopper Beads

Sterling silver with silicon inlay.

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Chain sizes

17cm, 18cm, 19cm