Do you need a lucky break?

Does every career, business, life require a lucky break or the right time, right place that catapults it to somewhere new entirely? What are your thoughts on this?

I was reading the other day about the start of Virgin Records, and Richard Branson happened to be handed a demo tape of Mike Oldfield’s, Tubular Bells, it subsequently sold million albums and launched Virgin Records. About the jewellery brand that happened to know the physiotherapist who’s grandmothers cousin was anointed by the Queen years ago and Kate Middleton visited and they left a gift on the off chance she would wear it. She did, and the website crashed.

These moments when the universe seems to take over and a chain reaction has started, even before these people knew about it, these moments in time are happening every day all over the world. We love knowing how people’s worlds collide, how so and so met, what moment their business sky rocketed. Add a comment if you had one of these moments and share your story!

What would have happened if the tape wasn’t handed to Richard, or the physiotherapists grandmothers cousin hadn’t fallen in love with a member of the Royal Family, well, we will never know. But I for one believe there is something, call it what you will, a force, coincidence, lucky break, the stars aligning that creates these moments of magic that have a chain reaction and years on you can pinpoint the first link to this moment in time.

Row x

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