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A good life is a collection of moments that become happy memories. In this blog we join up with some simply amazing partners that we are proud to be amongst on Andrea McLean’s This Girl Is In Fire marketplace. We are all just so passionate about how important memories are to every single one of us; they define our journey, and to us especially, they are at the heart of why we started elleroo.

Very often, life’s events make you realise how important ‘remembering’ is. Recalling memories of good times can really lift your mood and happiness.

Why we as @TGIOF product partners believe memories are so important (click tabs).

Emma and Row
Luxury British jewellery brand that turns your special moments into lasting memories.

“Notice the little moments.
They become the memorable ones that make you, you”.

Sarah Pittendrigh
Personal and Business Breakthrough Coach

“My thoughts on memories and mindset is to create them. It’s better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all”

Gillian Robson
Co-Founder and creator of revolutionary product, Tancream.

“Life throws us some tough times, but I feel we all become stronger & re-assess our lives with our memories of these experiences for the better.”

Bina Panchal
Creator of ‘bhvna’ London. Finest fragrances, candles, reed diffusers.

“Everyone has the opportunity to make a difference”. I create home fragrance products to help individuals relax, unwind, and feel uplifted. ⁠ ⁠ Scents and aromas are a great way to bring you comfort through triggering personal, lasting memories and stories. ⁠

Cecilia Pereira-Yates
One-to-one consultancy service for parents, helping to navigate post-16 transitions.

“I believe that learning is lifelong. For many, going to university is just another part of the education cycle but for some, making that decision can be one that’s full of challenges. A university experience is not just one that provides a qualification, but it can be one that opens a whole new world of opportunities, friendships and takes life into a new path.

How wonderful it is to capture that moment when you graduate and keep that memory forever. A moment to celebrate all that has been achieved.

At elleroo, we personally guarantee our jewellery will lift your mood!

Almost all, if not every one of us wants to feel good. Remembering back to moments in time that are completely personal to you, is a proven way to achieve this sense of happiness and positive mood we all crave. The challenge is that it is all too easy to forget some of your everyday moments that unbeknown to you, will bring you timeless comfort over your lifetime.

This is why elleroo is here, to help you not forget special moments!

Our beautiful range of personalised solid silver and 9ct gold beads offer you a unique way to capture your special moments, that you then add, collect and interchange on our bracelets, necklaces and bangles. Often we all just have so many moments to know what to pick first! We sometimes struggle too to choose our next beads to add! So take a look at our inspiration page and social posts for some ideas of what other customers have chosen, and immerse yourself in the warm feelings that are triggered when you…

remember times when you were made so proud you could burst

remember times when you were overcome with happy tears or fits of laughter

remember times when you think of all those ‘firsts’ – first love, first holiday, first home, first child, first dance.

remember times when you visit your happy place

remember times when you hear a song that takes you back to a special moment you shared

remember times when you smell a scent that triggers a comforting and vivid memory

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