Let’s do this!

Three words we find ourselves saying all the time to each other, to get us fired up and ready to go! What few words do it for you?

Saying #letsdothis has become such a thing to us that we’ve engraved the words on to our own newest silver heart bead, to wear ourselves. This led us on to some hilarious reminiscing of sayings and in-jokes we both remember with former work colleagues and teams. And we couldn’t agree more with this workplace quote when we think back to these times: “Happiness is having a co-worker who becomes a friend.” So many of our happy and funny memories involve co-workers that became good friends who we still see today. Row spirals into a laughing fit when she remembers back to the 90’s, singing every morning with colleagues to the Chris Evans’ 4DJ postcode jingle from his BBC Radio 1 breakfast show. Engraving the W1N 4DJ postcode onto one of our beads is all it would take to recall those laughs.

What are your sayings?

So we thought it would be fun and interesting to invite elleroo followers and collab partners to join in with this blog. Starting us off is Gemma , who we both think says some great one liners in her streams without even knowing it. Despite us really wanting to include her two-swear-word saying that makes us laugh, we thought we better opt for “One phrase I used to say when I opened my boutique was “Even if I fail, at least I’ve tried” and “No regrets”. Saying and believing these words will surely give that nudge to take the plunge, stop procrastinating and go for things.

We really like our friend Alison’s saying from her workplace, “Whatever it takes”. You can just feel the team’s customer committment that will come from saying these three simple words. Now forgive us for lowering the tone, but we just have to include a tribute with the memorable catchphrase “Shit on it!”, used by Paul Ritter in his sitcom role as Martin Goodman in Friday Night Dinner. Who else now finds themselves saying this when things don’t go quite to plan?!

We’d love to hear lots more…add yours into the comments below.

Emma and Row.

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