Trips down memory lane with Old School games!

Posted on January 26, 2021, in: Triggers

If there’s one positive to remember from lockdowns, for us it has to be the blocks of time, undistracted at home, playing lots of old school games with our two children. It was really suprising just how many memories this brought back from our own childhoods. What are the games you remember most from your childhood? How many of these games do you still have and played since?

[Emma] I actually feel very lucky when I reel off all the games I used to play with my parents and sister in the 80s and 90s. So many of these still stand the test of time, games like Game of Life, Kerplunk, Stay Alive, Pac-Man, Frogger. It’s quite amusing to see big green ‘This belongs to Emma’ stickers displayed on some of the games! Suprisingly the game ‘Perfection’, with a timer that works on an elastic band, is still in good working order even after all these years! Playing this matching game now with our children, it’s still as impossible to not jump when the timer runs out and the board pops!

A few years ago we started our own family tradition of choosing a new game to buy and play every Christmas Eve. Christmas 2020’s game was Rummikub, and this will be a hard one to beat this year. We have to agree with its best-seller rating as one of the most popular family games across the globe. If you’ve not played this before then do check it out, it will become your go-to game.

During lockdown, traditional playing card games have provided hours of fun too. Remember clock patience? Strip Jack, Sevens? Passing on what we know to next generations is so important, whether this be Old School games, the secrets of family recipies or any kind of tradition to keep the memories going.

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