Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. – Dr. Seuss

Meet the founders behind elleroo.

elleroo is an independent jewellery brand that takes the concept of personalisation to a new level. Utilising the finest British craftsmanship, we design and create personalised jewellery to capture your memories, which is elegant and completely unique to you.

Our attitude is to get stuck in, so from renovating a house, entertaining our two young children, work, voluntary roles, walking the dog, to the school run, we make personalised jewellery to be part of your routine, worn everyday, everywhere. 

How many of us look at a photo on our phone or hear a song and the memories and emotions come flooding back. Well having your chosen moments engraved on beautiful silver and gold beads to wear and collect, means you will instantly remember those special times, experiences, achievements, and all the feelings they bring back for you.  

Welcome to elleroo. 

Emma and Row

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